Marriage Without Stress - Chapter 4 (Pages 53-62)

The Myths About Marriage (Traditional Believes)

Myth #5:

Time Heals Hurts and Pain in Marriage. People believe that the longer couples stay together the better their relationship becomes. Tradition has made people to believe that as people get older in their marriage, past hurts and frustration would fade out with time.

This is not really true!

Hurts and Pains get deeper and bigger with time if not treated. If time indeed heals, there would be no separation and divorce in marriage. It is not time that makes marriage better; it only reveals the foundation of that marriage and the quality of your spouse.

Hurts and bitterness of the past should be dealt with by using the weapon of the word of God, love and the help of the Holy Spirit. _Love heals hurts and pain not time. _

Things get better in marriage only when we walk and work with God.

Our Differences….Our Strength (More on Myth #1). Differences in couples are not to strain or pull couples apart or create stress but to complement each other in order to fulfill destiny and purpose. The same way that we have one body with different parts; all these parts have different functions but they work together to perform the required tasks and form one healthy body. We can see it in Romans 12:4 and also 1 Corinthians 12:12.

God created us differently to provide different support and function in marriage. Couples should focus and treasure their strengths and so also celebrate and respect their differences. In marriage, you are no longer two bur one according to Jesus in Mark 10:8.

The Choice is Yours!

Whose report will you believe? Traditions or the truth of the word of God? Get out of the tradition that has made the word of God of no effect, which has robbed you peace, rest and joy in marriage.

Agree with the word of God and be at peace. The scripture declares that “all things are yours” (1 Cor. 3:21-22), there is no exception. An argument free marriage is yours.

The choice is yours. God will not force you to receive the future you are not willing to accept.

It’s always your faith that determines your fate in life.

The table is set for a glorious, enviable and stress-free marriage. The provision has been made already, the price is paid.

Just believe and receive it.

By Martins & Derin Fatola. Summarized by Shade Moriwawon

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