Marriage without Stress-Chapter 5 (pages 63 -78)


With all thy getting get understanding. Proverbs 4:7

Northing is fully yours until it is fully understood. The lack of understanding in marriage is one of the major reasons for both stressful marriage and divorce in our day. Many people do not truly understand what marriage is. Marriage is not a distraction or a burden. It does not take away our strength, but supplies us the support to serve the Lord.(Genesis 2:18") Marriage is good. (Proverbs18:22).

Northing outstanding can come out from what you do not understand. Understanding is a pre-requisite for an outstanding life. Understanding brings out the value and colour of our lives and marriage. What you do not understand you will misuse and whatever you misuse will eventually leave your life. It is exiting to know that whatever God reveals to us becomes ours to enjoy.( Deut. 29:29).

Marriage is a commitment of a life time. The marriage covenant is not a temporary one, but it is established to last the married couple’s life time. I have found nothing as destructive as selfishness in marriage. The real source of sorrow, frustration, distress, heartache and divorce is selfishness. The only cure to selfishness is Love. Marriage is not all about your opinion all the time, burying your own opinion and letting the other person airs his/her own opinion means compromise and that is marriage. Grace and strength to compromise will keep the enemy away from your marriage. Marriage is a sacrifice. In the Marriage covenant, individuality (self-centeredness selfishness) has to die.

Marriage is a responsibility and it takes maturity to be responsible. Marriage is a risk because you do not control what others can do to you. He might be your best buddy today become your greatest burden tomorrow. You can only control your own actions, you cannot control another person. No one has power over another human spirit. We are given power over the devil (Luke 10:1).

Marriage indeed is a risk, but it is a risk I will not live without. The risk involved can be easily handled with the wisdom of God through revelation of His Word, Love and prayer.

By Martins & Derin Fatola. Summarized by Beatrice Ebhodaghe

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