Marriage Without Stress | Chapter 2


Jeremiah 1:11-12

A glorious marriage isn't By Luck!

See the Light of God in your marriage and you start experiencing glorious marriage!

The entire word of God is true but you can only enjoy what you have contacted and received by revelation.

A fruitful and stress-free marriage is God's plan and purpose for us all. Until you discovered the word of God for your marriage and see your marriage free of struggle and frustration first in your heart, you cannot experience it in life.

Some people already picture divorce and struggle in their marriage even long before they married because their friends had one sad story or another to tell in their marriages. What you see today has a tendency of becoming a stronghold in your life tomorrow, don't reproduce the frustration you see in other marriages, God’s inheritance for us about marriage is to have a glorious one. He has already given us our inheritance; it is now left for us to possess it. See God on your side always, and walk in His ways Psalm 84:11

  • Having Faith in the word of the Lord and making Him the head of your marriage will make it a stress free one.

  • Stress free marriage has nothing to do with strength but sight Eccl. 9:11.

The journey of stress-free marriage has nothing to do with how old you are, your tittle or how long you've been married. It takes revelation and wisdom of God; all you just need is the right key for the right lock.

  • You maybe suffering or having struggle in your marriage today because you haven't encountered His light or walk in that light. Those who carry the light will not feel the darkness. Job 29:3, Ps 119:130

The WORD of God produces Faith and expectation. God designed marriage for speed in the race of life Deut. 32:30

See your marriage has one that can not be shaken, because of the presence of the Lord.

See the Light of God in your marriage and keep saying it, and get a glorious result. May the lord help us all. Amen!

By Martin and Derin Fatola. Summarized by Titi Ojumoola.

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